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Ray White NZ becomes Sociable

We have now become a sociable network.  Increasingly networking has been taken online where people join together as friends or within a business network through two primary sites; Facebook and Twitter.  To enable our Vendors, Buyers and Group Members to have a social representation we have placed an icon on everyone of our properties on the website. It is a share and save button which has the ability to transfer property to an account owner of any social website.  


We are the first Real Estate company in New Zealand to offer this service to the broader online Real Estate community.  Added to this is our Streetview and the ability to have 80 photos of each property.  and the 125 local websites are cutting edge of the New Zealand property industry.  If you follow this link it will take you directly to one of our local website properties and we encourage you to run your mouse over the top of the share and save button at the left hand side of the screen.

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