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10 Martin Ave Auction 1.jpg

Brent Sterm sold his first auction at 10 Martin Ave in Wakefield last Sunday. The street was clustered with cars, balloons were hanging from every letter box, and the profile for Grant Chaney and Ray White was huge. Prior to the main event a pamper package to Hanmer Springs Heritage Hotel and Hot Springs was auctioned with all proceeds going to the local primary school. Over 80 people attended the Auction for Brent Sturm’s first call as Auctioneer (Richmond Office Principle). Competition and bidding for the property was intense and it sold under the hammer. The Richmond, Stoke and Mapua offices have embraced the Auction culture and are currently running a Spring Auction Campaign for in-room Auctions on the 10th of September. Over the past 4 weeks the group have experienced fantastic results with their Auctions, with many property’s selling under the hammer. In fact, Mapua held 14 Auctions in one night. Last month the Top of the South recorded a 108% increase in sales turnover, owners Brent Sturm, Christine Cook and Mike Harvey attribute this to their Auction marketing.

Written by Ray White New Zealand

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