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The Ray white group in Canterbury has 21 offices and just over 350 members. Our company has a market share of 26% and completes 55 million worth of property transactions per month and in addition to this has 2300 properties under management for landlords.

Our members as have the wider community have been devastated by the earthquake that hit the region on the afternoon of Feb 22nd. It came through with such force that in some areas 1 in 3 homes have been destroyed and in addition extensive damage has been caused to many businesses across the region. Our members need support. We have 23 at risk Ray White members who have had their homes completely destroyed and we have had scores of others who have had damage to their personal property. We’ve had 1 member who has had a related death which has occurred because of the earthquake.  We as a company have set up a direct donation fund for Ray White Canterbury members. This has been done for Ray White members nationally and internationally to directly support our at-risk Ray White Canterbury members.

It is important that we provide the best possible support to our Canterbury network and at this stage is financial.




Written by Ray White New Zealand

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