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Mt Albert Schedule to Open Soon

The Ray White Group are pleased to announce the replacement of the Goodwin Realty office located in Mt Albert to be opened within 14 days of that office being sold and settled to Bayleys Real Estate.

New franchise owners Martin Honey and Rohan Thompson have confirmed their location on Mt Albert Road to be part of the Video Ezy complex, which has one of the highest profiles in the area. The office takes 170 sq metres of space and will house 25 salespeople. The building is currently being re modeled for the pending arrival of the Ray White team.

Since the announcement by Goodwin Realty to sell out their business to Bayleys Real Estate, Ray White has welcomed several of Goodwin Realty staff to the new Ray White Mt Albert office. All of the following salespeople are remaining with Ray White Mt Albert Susan Woods-Markwick, Colin Nicholson, Susan Nicholson, Connie WightEric Wu, Jackie McDermot, Rex Baddeley and Simon Lu. Other Goodwin Realty sales staff to remain with other Ray White offices include Heather Hannah, Diane Goer and Linda Breeze.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said that the sale of the Goodwin business was always going to unlock enormous opportunity for the Ray White Group.  He said he was delighted with the number of sales staff remaining with Ray White in total at this stage more than half of the Goodwin Realty active sales staff and we expect more to join in the coming week.

The new franchise owners, Martin Honey and Rohan Thompson, run one of our top 10 businesses in New Zealand and are both high performing salespeople and leaders in their own right. They have announced that high profile sales manager Lyn Beere will be managing the office.

Martin Honey said the Mt Albert venture is very exciting. He also said he started his business in the Mt Albert area and it’s great to be back with the Ray White name to continue to grow market share for the group.

The Ray White Mt Albert office is expected to open on 15th September 2011.


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Ray White Extends Agreement with Trade Me

The Ray White Group were the first national group to become members of the Trade Me Property website in 2005 and are proud to announce the further extension to their agreement with Trade Me, which will take the Group’s membership beyond 10 years.

Trade Me is the leading website in New Zealand, with almost one in three web users visiting the site on a consistent basis. The property site has grown to be the leader in the market, displaying the majority of the industries web content.

Since joining, Ray White has been the number one supplier of property to Trade Me and with the extension of their agreement the total network will continue to supply every listing on behalf of our vendors and our members also have the opportunity to place all rental properties on Trade Me Rentals.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “The growth of online has been staggering over the last five years. The ability for those in real estate mode to get an understanding of real estate and the current activity has increased dramatically. The access to the web, the way property is now presented, the broadness of the content has all meant that the web is now a key part of the marketing piece of every property, being for sale or for rent. We have always seen Ray White as being the industry leader in technology and the decision to rejoin Trade Me as a group is essential to our short and long term view of online marketing. “

Brendan Skipper, Head of Trade Me Property, said “Ray White re commitment of their total membership to their site was a clear endorsement of Trade Me’s position in online property marketing. We believe in providing both the community and the real estate industry the best in property marketing and we are thrilled that Ray White continues to recognise the collective value of Trade Me.”


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Illuminate – Moke Lake by Lucia King-Smith

Lucia King-Smith is the 10 year old daughter of Bas Smith, one of the partner franchisees of Ray White Queenstown.  Lucia is a keen photographer and is amongst famous company in a national charity drive that is seeing her photo of Moke Lake being auctioned on Trade Me alongside celebrities Dave Dobbyn, Lucy Lawless, Mils Muliaina.

The fundraiser is called ‘Illuminate Our Place’ and is raising awareness about protecting the environment. Each photographer chose their own special place and Lucia said that Moke Lake was an area she grew up in and visits each year with her parents.

The painting is currently being auctioned on Trade Me and closes on 31st August. Please click here to see the auction and for more information on the proceeds for the auction please go to Ecoya Illuminate



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Graeme Fraser Joins Ray White

The Ray White Group is proud to announce the appointment of Graeme Fraser to the position of Auckland Business Performance Manager.

Graeme joins the corporate team at Ray White with over 30 years of senior management experience in the financial services and real estate industries. He has particular strengths in general management, sales, planning and business growth and performance.

Graeme Fraser

Graeme is currently the CEO of Premium Real Estate in Auckland.  Previous to that Graeme has spent time with Harveys as Regional Manager and also Harcourts.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “Graeme’s appointment was a direct reflection of the growth of our Auckland business. The central Auckland area for the Ray White Group continues to gain market share and with Graeme’s background working in the high end of the property market with Premium, his skills and knowledge will assist Ray White to continue to grow market share.”

The role that Graeme will undertake includes the direct business relationship with franchise owners of Ray White in the central, northern and eastern zones of Auckland.

For further information on the Ray White leadership team, please click here.


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Ray White Leading Business Re-Commits to Group

Ray White City Apartments have been a leader in the marketing of property throughout the central city for the past number of years.  The office opened in premises located in the Viaduct Harbour just on 10 years ago and has made consistent progress to today being the undisputed market leader in the city area. The office has 41 salespeople and 6 property managers and will list approximately 800 properties and manages just over 750.

The Ray White Group this week announced the further commitment of Ray White City Apartments to continue with the Group for an extended term.  Phil Horrobin, business owner of Ray White City Apartments said that being able to continue to partner with Ray White is by far and away the best position for their business. “We have a long and successful association with the Group. The innovation, the systems and the growth of Ray White in Auckland are key reasons why we continue to be part of the successful Ray White Group.” He further commented that the technology platform the Group offers is an attraction for salespeople and vendors and enables them to be the leader in the city area.

Chas Wilson, who operates the property management, said the Ray White Group has made a lot of progress over the past years with property management. “Our team has always set high standards of service and most importantly for us; Ray White provides the ability for us to continue to growth through those standards.”

The Ray White City Apartments group also has an office in the Britomart, where they provide sales and rental services as an extension to their main Lorne Street office.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “Ray White City Apartments are currently our leading business in the Group and are our leading growth business. The office under Phil and Chas’ leadership continues to grow in all divisions and this is a direct reflection of their leadership and the core values of their collective teams.”

For information regarding Ray White City Apartments please see their website.


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Ray White Online has undergone its third update of livery after now being an active website for the past two years.

Initially Ray White Online was built as an internal communication where members could access stories, updated information and events that our group was undertaking.  The site quickly developed into a broader communication platform which became public just over 18 months ago.  The site gives insights into our group with stories posted most days, with 250 posts attracting over 210,000 visitors since the site has been live to the public.  Other features include new offices, CEO comments, and Elite member details.  A lot of feedback is received in particular from the posts and CEO comments.

The site is enabled to be shared to Facebook and Twitter, giving each communication post a much broader audience.  The site has also recently enabled an area where the public can subscribe to direct updates and feeds at 9am each morning.

We encourage stories from both our members and the broader public and these can be forwarded to


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Auction Listings Increase Across New Zealand

The Ray White Group has seen a substantive lift in auction listings during the past quarter of 26%.  In total the Group’s listings for auction increased from 460 to 607, on a back drop of overall decrease in listings coming to the market.  The three major centres to show substantive increases include Auckland, Central North Island and the Lower South Island.  During the past month Christchurch has also seen a substantive lift in auctions

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “Auctions are providing vendors with the ability to polarise the buyer pool into a set time frame. With the reduced amount of stock on the market, auctions are also showing an increased response rate from buyers attending open homes and also registering to bid for properties.  The under hammer success rate has gone from being 58% 12 months ago to 71%.  This also is an indicator of the reduced stock on the market and the confidence buyers have in purchasing by auction.  There have been specific examples of peeped up buyer demand where at a recent auction held by Ray White Ponsonby price expectations were exceeded by almost 20%. This was directly attributed to the auction form of marketing.”

The total number of listings currently are at their lowest level for the past decade but the continued relevance of auction marketing now shows that one in five properties are submitted to this form of process. The Ray White Group is appointed to over 20,000 controlled listings per annum and during 2011 14% of those have been by auction and during the last quarter, this has lifted to 21%.


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The Ray White Legislation Handbook

Ray White is the only national franchise group todate to bring together, in conjunction with Thomson Reuters, the Real Estate Legislation Handbook which includes the REAA Rules and Guides.

As part of our ongoing requirement for Ray White members to be providing the highest professional standards to the public, our group has embarked on lifting awareness of obligations of agents through total membership of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and also the issue of our Real Estate Legislation Handbook to each Ray White office.

The contents of the handbook include the professional Conduct and Client Care Rules 2009, the New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreements Guide, the New Zealand Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreements Guide, together with the Table of Statutes and Regulations.

The legislation handbook is the first to combine all of the cross reference Acts and Guides together and is also linked with the complete real estate legislation which include the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, the Audit Regulations 2009, the Complaints and Discipline Regulations 2009, the Duties of Licensees Regulations 2009 and the Licensing Regulations 2009.

Ray White would like to acknowledge Thomson Reuters, who have consolidated this guide into an easy to follow volume of key legislation for our members to use.  Please see here for a copy of the information included in the Real Estate Agents Legislation Handbook.


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Ray White Mt Maunganui Welcomes New Team

Greg Purcell and Gillian Canham owners of Ray White Mt Maunganui and Papamoa, have announced that John Pasley and Rose Tondi have joined the Mt Maunganui office.  Formerly with Premium Real Estate, John Pasley and Rose Tondi have been consistent performers in the marketplace across all levels of real estate.

Being in the industry over 10 years in the Bay of Plenty, John said the move to Ray White was as much about broadening their opportunity as it was in joining the growth of the Ray White Group along the coastal strip. He went on to say “We were fortunate to be able to overview the Ray White Group in Sydney and look at the structures the Group offers to grow our careers and it was the standout choice for us.”  Rose Tondi, who is also a significant performer in the Mt Maunganui marketplace, said that in joining Ray White “We are able to offer our services to all levels of the market given that the market in the Mount is highly diversified.  Being part of a group also gives us access for our buyers across a wider listing base and this will further enhance our service level.”

Greg Purcell, owner of Realty Focus, said it was great to have John and Rose onboard. “They have an established reputation for a high level of service and achieving outstanding results.  We are really pleased to have them onboard as part of our continued growth.”

To contact John Pasley or Rose Tondi please click their names.


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The Whillans Report

Bruce Whillans, owner of Ray White Auckland Commercial, has produced The Whillans Report which is a commercial Auckland market update for the second quarter of 2011.  Having completed their first year of business this month as Ray White Auckland Commercial, the Whillans Realty Group is celebrating sales in excess of $145 million for the year.

Bruce Whillans said the sales were a direct reflection of his staffs’ dedication to high quality service and also the return to confidence of the market. He went on to say by leveraging their existing client base and applying the principles of quality service, their team had produced results comparable to many of the bigger agencies.  “In a recent report published by the Sunday Star Times on 10th July we sit only second to Colliers in profitability for the year.”

The Whillans Report looks at sales which have occurred during the past 12 months for the Ray White Auckland Commercial team including the Albany Home Centre, Soho Square and the Penrose Industrial Estate. The report contains information on the commercial CBD market, industrial summary and prime retail market. It also looks at the return of Australian investors back into the Auckland market and the successful sale by tender of Soho Square.

See here  full copy of The Whillans Report.  To contact Bruce Whillans or his team please see their website.


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