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little ray of givingRay White members in New Zealand, through 55 participating offices, this year amassed a total of 2,976 gifts through the A Little Ray of Giving programme. The programme gave offices an opportunity to facilitate gifts of giving through Rotary New Zealand to those in need and to simplistically put a smile on childrens’ faces who may otherwise have not received gifts during the Christmas period.

Gower Buchanan from Ray White Ponsonby said that there were 185 gifts given to the Damerell Earwaker Group ‘A Little Ray of Giving’ programme and that he was overwhelmed, as was the staff, by the generosity of the public and the acceptance of the Ray of Giving programme.

Feedback from community groups said it allowed various Christmas functions and events to be a success. One particular beneficiary from Child Protection said that their annual Christmas party allowed for children in care and children with foster families the opportunity to develop a positive Christmas message and that it gave children hope that the future would be brighter, even if it was only on one day where they were touched by the support of members of the public.

Carey Smith, NZ Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said the Group got in strongly behind the A Little Ray of Giving programme right throughout New Zealand. “There were areas where the Group joined together as a zone and that worked particularly well in the Southern Lakes of New Zealand. There was also high profile of the A Little Ray of Giving programme throughout several other areas where Rotary International linked with community providers such as Ronald McDonald House, Age & Disability Services, together with Starship and other childrens services.”


Written by Ray White New Zealand

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