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The Ray White Northland business owners came together yesterday in Paihia to review the first quarter of activity and to set plans for the balance of 2014 to maintain the Group’s current leadership throughout the region.

During the past 12 months Ray White has grown their network through the Northland region to now be represented through 13 offices, which is 40% more than any other real estate group throughout the region. The company during the past period has welcomed five new offices through the region which has compounded the growth.

Zone chairman, Gary Steed from Ray White Kaitaia, said that the collective commitment within Ray White continues to get stronger. “Our group across Northland represents more than a third of the sales and the company continues to plan through initiatives to grow market share through outstanding levels of service and also marketing initiatives for our clients.” He said that one example of the focus on customer service was the customer satisfaction net promoter score throughout Ray White and more particularly Northland. “We have given a lot of focus to our customer satisfaction and this has resulted in the group continually concentrating on lifting our net promoter score and to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said the growth of the Group in Northland has been exciting over the last number of years. “One of the main reasons behind the success in our network through Northland is the ability of the offices to work together, to utilise leading industry technology and to also understand the value and effect through the Northland region of how online marketing plays a particularly important role in the distribution of property to a wider audience.”

The Ray White Group during the past quarter represented 30.9% of all sales across the Northland region.

Written by Ray White New Zealand

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