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This week Ray White New Zealand are proud to recognise 10 years service by Keith Ashkettle, head of Ray White New Zealand technology. Keith started 10 years ago this week and has played a leading role in the success of the Ray White Group’s technology position today. Over the 10 year period consistent and ongoing first mover advantage has been undertaken by Keith to put the group in what is known today as the most advanced position in the technology space of real estate groups generally.

Late in 2004 the first movement towards collective software was undertaken by the group in New Zealand as a leading example for real estate groups across Australasia. We deployed in partnership with Online Solutions a general software system which allowed our business to be viewed agency to agency and fundamentally gave advantage to salespeople to be able to view property across a broad geographical spread, which allowed buyers to be introduced to properties in real time through direct member contact and auto-feeds. Building on the group’s individual website platform, individual agent platforms became pride of place in our group during 2008. It was introduced alongside Ray White taking up a full upload position with Trade Me as one of the first groups to understand the value of online lead generation and the importance that was placed on this by clients and customers.

A further advancement in 2009 saw the group join MyDesktop with integrated fully functional real estate applications including CRM, buyer matching, property marketing and works towards the concept of one piece of data being relevant across all value pieces within an individual salesperson’s contact base and more broadly, the agency’s wider community database.

Applications Keith has been responsible for include school zones, walkscore mapping, slide shows, customer satisfaction and the recently introduced video policy which provides the capability for all Ray White marketed property to be shown via the Ray White You Tube channel which gives purchasers a unique experience of every property they view.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “Keith Ashkettle’s tenure with the company continues to allow us to be known for our industry leading position. Loyalty and consistency are two of the attributes which business thrives on and Keith has been able to demonstrate this with the Ray White Group at outstanding levels. His ability to adapt and implement change is at the highest level, even when he is urging progress ahead of the pace of change. Keith is a true example of a leader within his own field that adds not only value to Ray White, but also to all of those who engage with the Ray White Group from partners to suppliers to clients and to our own Ray White New Zealand team.”

“We wish to thank Keith for his continued service to Ray White and congratulate him for his 10-year tenure thus far with the Ray White Group.”

Written by Ray White New Zealand

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