The Ray White Leaders Group in Wellington are committed to reducing plastic waste in our community by introducing their own Ray White branded reusable shopping bags.

Greenpeace says New Zealanders use around 1.6 billion bags every year and the plastic waste problem is quickly spiraling out of control.

Carl Perkins, General Manager of the Ray White Leaders Group, has bought 30,000 reusable bags to distribute free throughout the region to reduce single use plastic bags.

“Kiwis on average use one plastic bag per person per day, so if our reusable bags are used for at least 12 months, we have the potential to save over one million plastic bags from going into landfill and that will make us very proud,” Mr Perkins said.

“Our entire team are right behind this project and we are also talking with Sustainability Trust on looking how we can reduce waste internally within our offices, as well as educating our community in reducing plastic waste.

“We have also had discussions with Boomerang Bags, a grassroots, community driven movement, tackling plastic pollution at its source.

“We have had meetings with a number of Wellington Council staff who are at the leading edge of waste reduction, and they have been assisting us in planning as well as education,” Mr Perkins said.

“Boomerang Bags Wellington encourages all New Zealand companies to actively take responsibility for their waste and are excited to see Ray White offering reusable bags free to their customers to use as an alternative to single use plastic bags,” said Ali Kirkpatrick of Boomerang Bags.

The Ray White branded bags will be given out on a face to face basis so members of the community could either pick one up at our local offices, contact your local agent to drop one off, or look out for our team at your local shopping centre.

View all of Ray White Leaders offices here.

Written by Ray White New Zealand

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