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Ray White New Zealand is proud to acknowledge the offices who have been recognised as the top customer experience businesses across the international group.

Of the 10 recognised offices, eight of those were in New Zealand which was a measure of the engagement and determination Ray White New Zealand businesses to achieve the highest levels of customer experience.

Carey Smith, chief executive of Ray White New Zealand, said since customer satisfaction has been part of the direction and strategy for the company, the engagement level has continued to lift.

He said that in 2013 there were just under 5000 surveys received and that has grown expedientially to over 10,000 nationally in 2017.

Customer experience is a key part of the Ray White New Zealand strategy and has been developed to align for outstanding results for all those who engage with Ray White members.

All of the 159 offices participate in the customer experience programme and all clients and customers are surveyed in regards to the sales process.

Ray White New Zealand has an NPS score of 77 and achieves that through a promoter rate of 83%.

This year Ray White New Zealand will have over 8,000 promoters who have experienced a customer satisfaction outcome of 9 or 10 out of 10.

The offices that were recognised in the customer experience programme internationally for 2017 include Ray White Dunedin, Ray White Howick, Ray White Invercargill, Ray White Metro, Ray White Ponsonby, Ray White Remuera, Ray White Rolleston, Ray White Whangarei.

The Ray White Group internationally has over 1000 offices and recognises customer experience awards internationally each year.

Dan White, director of the Ray White Group, said the results for New Zealand were outstanding.

“It shows how the culture within the New Zealand sales team has developed and orientated towards the highest level of outcomes for customers and clients. The Ray White Group in New Zealand can be very proud of their international results in the area of customer satisfaction.”

Written by Ray White New Zealand

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