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Ray White Elite Members Join Together

The Ray White Group in New Zealand has increased the number of high performers in the company for 2013 acknowledging the highest ever number of Elite status members, with over 50 already achieving this outstanding sales level in 2013. The Elite status is recognised, both nationally and internationally, through the Ray White Group as the highest achievement of sales performance in the company.  Elite members have been much of the driving force for the success of Ray White New Zealand since the Elite status inception in 2000. The status recognition has doubled in the past five years, with high performance members recognised right across the country.

This week Elite members were welcomed to the home of Carey (CEO) and Taryn Smith at their annual networking evening to celebrate the results that have been achieved in 2013. During the evening members were able to share their achievements.

Julie Ryan, who is the key facilitator of the Elite members, said that 2013 had seen many of the Ray White top performing salespeople achieve new levels. She said this has brought about more discussion in respect of reaching capacity, growing individual businesses and aligning this with the New Zealand Strategy.

Carey Smith, during the evening, spoke of the pride that he has in the Elite members and their ability to spearhead the company in the area of sales. He particularly recognised new members to the Elite status and in doing so, also acknowledged the loyalty and commitment that many of the Elite sales performers have with the company.

Ray White will celebrate its annual awards in March 2014, where Elite members will again come together for the annual Elite & Premier recognition evening.

To see more photos of the evening please CLICK HERE

Bella Vista Road 22 Herne Bay-55 Bella Vista Road 22 Herne Bay-80
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Elite and Premier Celebrate at Auckland Art Gallery

The Ray White Elite and Premier members celebrated the highest ever performance level of these status groups during a cocktail function held this evening at the Auckland City Art Gallery.

With 169 Elite and Premier members, the level of performance represents the top 15% of the international sales group of Ray White. The Elite membership is the highest level of performance and this year the results of the Elite members show an increase of more than 20% in productivity. The Premier status is also the highest number the group has achieved during its history. The total Elite membership for 2013 is 48, with the Premier membership being 121.

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The evening at the Auckland City Art Gallery saw the presentation of recognition plaques together with gifts that are given to all Elite and Premier members.

This year Ray White New Zealand has introduced specialised training and mentoring for Elite members through Julie Ryan, who is part of the Ray White team and is well known as one of Australasia’s leading speakers on real estate marketing and personal development.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand said “The Elite and Premier status levels were introduced to the company 13 years ago. Over those years the Group has continued to grow and attract the very best within the industry to our company. This year it is significant that our Elite members have achieved record numbers of sales and also in percentage terms they have increased their own individual productivity by more than 20%.” “Our Premier members”, he said “are also to be congratulated as their performance has lifted to a new level during the past 12 months as well.”


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Elite Members Join Together

The Ray White Group takes pride in its recognition and status levels of its sales members within the company. The highest level internationally is recognised as Elite across Australasia and within New Zealand it represents the top 2% of our sales members. Each year the Elite members, as part of Ray White’s values, are offered attendance at the International Elite Conference as well as mentoring sessions online through Group CEO Mark McLeod and Chairman Brian White. Within New Zealand the Elite members are recognised through a specially embossed logo, personalised websites and individually branded marketing which identifies their high performance.

One of the greatest strengths of the Ray White group is the ability for Elite members to network together. Each year New Zealand Chief Executive, Carey Smith, welcomes the Elite members throughout New Zealand to join himself and his wife Taryn at their home in Herne Bay. This year, 40 Elite members attended and each were recognised with an Elite member gift for their results during the past 12 months.

During the evening, Carey Smith addressed the Elite members and acknowledged their outstanding performance. He said the rise of the sales agents’ relevance has continued to increase within the industry and also through the eyes of the client. Ray White has increasingly become the signature for our best performers and that he went on to say, added strength for all stakeholders involved in the transaction. Today the individual is the company.

The Ray White Group have continued to increase market share across New Zealand and the Elite membership has further increased and is expected to welcome 50 members in 2012.


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Ray White Auckland Celebrate Awards

The Ray White Group in Auckland comprises 50 offices with just over 900 sales members. Last night awards were held for the Auckland region, which is identified in two zones being the City-Side and North Shore. Also during the evening the new Elite and Premier members were recognised for their outstanding sales results for the calendar year to date.

Graeme Fraser, Auckland Business Performance Manager, presented the City-Side zone awards. In his address he made comment about the growth of the Group on the city side, particularly the top offices which include City Apartments, Ponsonby, Remuera, Royal Oak and Central Auckland Commercial. These businesses have lifted their market share consistently during the year, with the top business on the city-side, being City Apartments, having a market share in excess of 40% for the first time ever. He also recognised Bruce Whillans from Central Auckland Commercial as being the number one salesperson for sales turnover; Marie Raos from Howick as the leading salesperson for business growth; and Damian Piggin and Daniel Horrobin from City Apartments for auction marketing.

Carey Smith presenting Lesley Hawes NZ 2012 Elite Member

Corinna Mansell, National Business Performance Manager, presented the North Shore awards. The top business in the categories of sales turnover and business growth was Pinehill; Whangaparaoa were the leading marketing office.  Individually Darryn Laskey was recognised as the top salesperson for property sales and he was also recognised as number one in business growth.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, in his address spoke about the relevance of individual licensee salespeople. “There is a strong belief within the Ray White Group that the salesperson is the one who becomes the choice of the vendor.”  He said that the Group is ensuring our salespeople are well profiled, have outstanding marketing material and also have industry leading technology.


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First 2011 Calendar Year Elite Member

Ray White New Zealand is proud to recognise their first Elite member for the 2011 calendar year, being Helene Brownlee from Beach Haven.

Helene joined the real estate industry with Ray White in October 2002 after a career as a nurse with Plunket.  Having always lived on the North Shore, Helene became very successful in real estate; achieving Rookie of the Year in 2003 and going on to be recognised as a top Ray White performer with her first year of achieving Elite status also occurring in 2003.   In 2005 Helene purchased her own office at Beach Haven and this is where her success has continued.  Along with the support of her team, Helene has maintained a market share of over 30% in the Beach Haven and surrounding trade areas

In talking with Helene about the Beach Haven area, she said that it offers the promise of opportunity.  “It is an area that has always been a starting point which allows people to leverage into the market and enables them to build their wealth platform. It is a terrific area for families and for those looking for an area full of opportunity.”  On her own work, she said that the real estate industry has provided herwith a high level of independence.  She said that she loves being involved in helping people; demonstrating transparency, trust and building a relationship that is enduring.  She went on to say that the team that works with her are very much a part of the reason why the office has such a great market share.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said that he is very proud to have Helene on the Ray White team.  “It is stunning that a salesperson from an area such as Beach Haven can not only compete, but can be our current number one salesperson for the calendar year in 2011.  Helene’s energy and communication skills are a standout and that is just a couple of reasons why she is so successful.”

The Ray White Group recognises three status levels – Elite, Premier and Executive – for its salespeople.  On an international level, New Zealand is represented through a high proportion of Elite members in the broader Ray White Group internationally.


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2011 Elite Members

The Ray White Group is proud to recognise its 2011 Elite members.  The Elite member status started for our New Zealand members in 2000 and represents the top sales members within our company who have achieved the international sales standard set by the Ray White Group.  The total number of Elite members in New Zealand for 2011 is 26 and this represents 2% of our national sales team.

Elite members are recognised by a personalised logo on their business card, online and media marketing and their personal livery.  An Elite member is also recognised internationally through the Ray White Group for the quality of sales produced within the previous 12 months.  Each year an Elite member conference is hosted by Brian White, Chairman of the Ray White Group.  This year the conference is being held on the Sunshine Coast in late February.

For a full list of the 2011 Ray White New Zealand Elite members please click here.


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Ray White Enters Prestige Market

Ray White New Zealand is proud to announce the launch of the Ray White Prestige brand into the New Zealand property market.  The Prestige brand had long been associated with Ray White as leaders in the upper end market on the East Coast of Australia, particularly in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the northern suburbs of Sydney and the  Gold Coast. Ray White Double Bay located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney has successfully completed the highest priced sale of residential property in Australia for 2010 being 18 Carrara Road, Vaucluse.

Ray White has a philosophy of focusing marketing towards the property and this is more evident with the Prestige brand.  With its introduction into the New Zealand market given the value threshold that has been set it will suit higher priced areas of Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and the Lakes District in the lower South Island.  We also see that there will be prestige property from coastal areas. 

The Prestige brand brings a broader base market to the property given that each selected property will be part of the Ray White e-magazine collection that is internationally distributed through a database of 550,000 interested property buyers.  In addition to this it will also be profiled if desired through the key markets internationally which respond directly to prestige property. 

Initially consideration for the Prestige brand will be available only when a property meets a certain criteria and the link to the brand is also exclusive to those who have a considered track record in prestige property or are International Elite Members.

During the first quarter of 2010 Ray White has consistently accounted for 30% of the sales in the prestige market with a number of sales in Orakei, Remuera, Herne Bay and St Mary’s Bay.  We have also had a high percentage of the upper end in the Southern Lakes area particularly in Queenstown and Arrowtown where the Group’s collective marketshare is in excess of 35%. 

As well as being able to profile properties internationally, Ray White is also aware that the majority of buyers of property within the New Zealand prestige market are those people who currently have prestige property of their own.  With this in mind our standards of print media and internet marketing will be at the forefront of ensuring that profile is reached through our marketing to all potential property purchasers in the prestige market.

Ray White expect to have at least 25 appointments in the prestige market during the first 12 months and we are proud to display our first property 12 Eastbourne Road Remuera that has been listed through Megan Jaffe at Remuera in the Prestige livery which has appeared as a double paged feature in this week’s ACP Media Property Press.

Ray White New Zealand trades through 133 offices completing property sales in excess of 4.8bil per annum.

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