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Damerell Earwaker Group Recommit To Ray White NZ

Ray White are pleased to announce the agreement to a further extended term by one of New Zealand’s leading real estate businesses being Damerell Earwaker Group Limited with offices in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Pt Chevalier.

The Damerell Earwaker Group was originally formed through partners Bryce Earwaker and Simon Damerell. In more recent times Gower Buchanan has taken business ownership through an increased shareholding and the directors are now Simon Damerell and Gower Buchanan.

The Ponsonby office has been one of the true heroes of Ray White New Zealand.  Since 1996 the office has turned over in excess of $3 billion worth of property sales through their trade areas and held a consistent market share of over 30% in Grey Lynn and Ponsonby and upwards of 40% in Herne Bay, St Marys Bay and Freemans Bay.

Ponsonby (3)

Simon Damerell said that the enduring success of the office has been its total commitment on delivering service under the headline banner of ‘We Get You More’. “We have used this bi-line as a positional statement that allows our staff to deliver service and to have a view back on our ability to always deliver more in the context of service, results and outcome to all stakeholders within our business.” He went on to say “The Damerell Earwaker Group continues to enjoy a high level of success with Ray White and that the Group values align with that of Damerell Earwaker and this allows our business to continue as one of the most successful in agency today.”

Gower Buchanan said that the sales team of the Damerell Earwaker Group are recognised as one of the most successful in the industry. “During the past number of years we have concentrated on our ability to positively market property through online portals, media and also a specific focus on community relationships. Our team quarterly distribute our suburb-by-suburb market update and this has aligned our business to providing information that allows both buyers and sellers to have a greater knowledge of our area when they are considering options in real estate.”

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “The Damerell Earwaker Group is one of the most successful in Ray White. We are proud to recognise the contribution of Bryce Earwaker, Simon Damerell and Gower Buchanan who have taken their business to the leadership position it is in today. Both Simon and Gower are now taking the business forward and it has never been better positioned for success in the areas that they trade.”

The Ray White Damerell Earwaker Group operate offices in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Pt Chevalier and are now transitioning their property management business to become part of Ray White through head property manager Martin Donnolly.


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Leading office Renews Agreement

We are pleased to announce the continuing commitment to the Ray White Group of Ray White Ponsonby.  The office, under the ownership of Bryce Earwaker and Simon Damerell have renewed with a long term agreement with the group. The office continues to be one of the top three businesses in Ray White New Zealand.

After taking ownership in 1996, Bryce Earwaker, who was a significant salesperson with another brand, took what was then the United Realty office from number 72 in the network to number 12 in its first full year of trading.  This was the fastest growth that any office had achieved in our network. In late 1997 Simon Damerell joined Bryce Earwaker to form a partnership that is now recognised as one of the leading real estate offices in Auckland.  Consistently being awarded as the top market share, the top marketing and one of the top turnover offices in the Group, the office has an enviable position as the market leader.

The office market share is in excess of 35% in Herne Bay, St Marys Bay, Freemans Bay and Ponsonby. The office also holds in excess of a 20% market share in Grey Lynn and Westmere.

The culture of the office is set on a platform of marketing and service. Each year the business has grown on this ethos and now has a return client rate of over 70%.

In talking about the renewal with Ray White, Bryce Earwaker made comment that he believed the Group has continued to assist the business being at the forefront of technology, marketing and staff development.  He went on to say that the culture they have developed within their business works well with the family values of Ray White and the commitment of the Ray White Group to their members.

Simon Damerell, the co-owner of the office, talked about their plans for 2011.  He said the office is strengthening its management structure with a blend of youth and knowledge. Providing resources to the team and to the marketplace is the point of difference for the office.  He went on to say “The office has always had top sales consultants and property managers and ensuring the environment is the best in the marketplace enables the team to achieve outstanding outcomes for their clients.”

The Ray White Ponsonby office is now in its 15th year of trading with the current owners.  The office embraces online marketing through its website and also interacts through social media on Facebook and Twitter.

The office is located at 239 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby.

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Ray White Enters Prestige Market

Ray White New Zealand is proud to announce the launch of the Ray White Prestige brand into the New Zealand property market.  The Prestige brand had long been associated with Ray White as leaders in the upper end market on the East Coast of Australia, particularly in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the northern suburbs of Sydney and the  Gold Coast. Ray White Double Bay located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney has successfully completed the highest priced sale of residential property in Australia for 2010 being 18 Carrara Road, Vaucluse.

Ray White has a philosophy of focusing marketing towards the property and this is more evident with the Prestige brand.  With its introduction into the New Zealand market given the value threshold that has been set it will suit higher priced areas of Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and the Lakes District in the lower South Island.  We also see that there will be prestige property from coastal areas. 

The Prestige brand brings a broader base market to the property given that each selected property will be part of the Ray White e-magazine collection that is internationally distributed through a database of 550,000 interested property buyers.  In addition to this it will also be profiled if desired through the key markets internationally which respond directly to prestige property. 

Initially consideration for the Prestige brand will be available only when a property meets a certain criteria and the link to the brand is also exclusive to those who have a considered track record in prestige property or are International Elite Members.

During the first quarter of 2010 Ray White has consistently accounted for 30% of the sales in the prestige market with a number of sales in Orakei, Remuera, Herne Bay and St Mary’s Bay.  We have also had a high percentage of the upper end in the Southern Lakes area particularly in Queenstown and Arrowtown where the Group’s collective marketshare is in excess of 35%. 

As well as being able to profile properties internationally, Ray White is also aware that the majority of buyers of property within the New Zealand prestige market are those people who currently have prestige property of their own.  With this in mind our standards of print media and internet marketing will be at the forefront of ensuring that profile is reached through our marketing to all potential property purchasers in the prestige market.

Ray White expect to have at least 25 appointments in the prestige market during the first 12 months and we are proud to display our first property 12 Eastbourne Road Remuera that has been listed through Megan Jaffe at Remuera in the Prestige livery which has appeared as a double paged feature in this week’s ACP Media Property Press.

Ray White New Zealand trades through 133 offices completing property sales in excess of 4.8bil per annum.

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