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Ray White welcomes new office in Epsom

EpsomThe Ray White Group are proud to welcome their 61st office throughout the Auckland region, being Ray White Epsom. The office will be open as part of the City Realty Group, with Alan White Elite sales member Heather Walton leading the new office at its high profile location on Manukau Road.

With more than 18 years of real estate experience, Heather Walton will lead the team at Ray White Epsom and will transfer from Ray White Broadway to ensure the success of the new joint venture with City Realty.

Phil Horrobin, owner of the City Realty Group, said that he was “thrilled to be able to provide a genuine career path through to ownership for those involved in the City Realty Group.” He said that it has been his “ambition for a long period of time to not only have a market leading business through the City, Newmarket and Epsom areas, but also to provide a genuine career path to leading contributors within the City Realty Group that allows those people to share in the success of our network and also be part of their long term growth as a member of Ray White.”

Graeme Fraser, Auckland Business Performance Manager for Ray White New Zealand, said that the new Ray White Epsom office would be another part of the very strong central region for Ray White. “Currently the Ray White offices have a market share of over 28% through the region and with the addition of the new Ray White Epsom office, further growth in market share is expected given the high profile location combined with the growth of Ray White, which is attracting leading sales members to the Group.”

The Ray White Epsom office will provide a highly personalised service through the sales team and will offer property management services as part of City Realty and SuperCity Rentals. The new office is located at 349A Manukau Road, Epsom and can be contacted through their dedicated website or telephone 09 638 8640.

City Realty step up to support unique youth initiative


Over 60 people gathered recently to celebrate the commencement of sustained funding to the Heart for Youth Trust and to recognise the achievements and support of Y for Youth‘s Founding Angels which included Phil Horrobin and Ian Spurle of Ray White City Realty Ltd.

Y for Youth is a ‘social brand’ setup and designed to empower New Zealand’s youth.  Passionate about positively influencing the lives of youth to build happy, healthy communities Y for Youth do this by creating sustained funding for organisations and programmes that educate, motivate and mentor our youth.

Phil Horrobin and Ian Spurle of Ray White City Realty were both recognised as Founding Angels on the night.  Their support, which included sponsoring the Y for Youth Cocktail Function, has meant a great deal to the organisation says Lara Jane, Co-Founder of Y for Youth in New Zealand. “Without Phil and Ian’s support, we would not have been able to come together and celebrate the success of a huge milestone in Y for Youth’s journey, the commencement of sustained funding to our youth organisations.”  The support of businesses and this guaranteed sustained funding means that Y for Youth can focus on expanding their programmes and connecting with as many youth as possible.

“It was a wonderful experience seeing and being with all these special people. Being able to see how generous people are with there time, ideas and funding was an experience. It was very satisfying.” says Phil Horrobin.

One of Y for Youth’s biggest successes since their recent launch in New Zealand has been attracting the attention, and support of high profile celebrities including Temuera Morrison (Ambassador), Laura Dekker who sailed around the world at 15 years of age who has stepped in as a Youth Ambassador, Amanda Billing from Shortland Street and high profile New Zealand musician Tiki Taane – both also a Founding Angels and Ambassadors. Other Founding Angels include Coca-Cola, Navman Wireless, Michael Mayell (founder of Cookie Time) and Kim Dotcom.  ”Our Founding Angels have been instrumental to our success so far, however by far the biggest, and the most important milestone, was taking the concept of Y for Youth from an initial idea through to actually creating sustained funding for our youth organisations.” says Lara Jane.

Y for Youth is now focused on sharing the youth organisations stories. Letting the public know about their programmes and the positive impact they are having on our community. 

“It is fantastic to see our offices putting back into the community especially with our youth – forming habits to be future leaders but first working through some of the social issues they face today. City Realty Ltd have played a major role in fundraising and the cocktail party was a celebration of the success of two years of hard work developing the model that is now at the implementation phase. It’s all systems go in no small part due to Phil Horrobin – Business Owner of City Realty and their ongoing support of Y for Youth. This was recognized when they were announced as Founding Angels at the function.” says Graeme Fraser, Auckland Business Performance Manager for Ray White New Zealand.

City Apartments Celebrate National & International Success

The Ray White City Apartments office headed up by business owner Phil Horrobin has been awarded the number 1 Ray White office in New Zealand and also the number 2 Ray White office internationally across the Ray White Group.

Phil Horrobin, business owner of City Realty, said that it is wonderful to receive the Office of the Year award on behalf of the Ray White City Apartments team. Also being acknowledged as the Number 2 International Office in the Ray White Group is extraordinary and all credit is due to the entire City Realty team, particularly those members who are part of our City Apartments business.


Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said that “Ray White City Apartments is an extraordinary business.  After being awarded the Real Estate Institute Medium Business of the Year, the City Apartments business has continued to go from strength-to-strength with 844 sales completed during the year and holding a market share of 41.3% in the city residential apartment market, which is unmatched by any company.” He went on to say that “Phil Horrobin together with the City Realty leadership team have continued to demonstrate their ability to gain confidence with vendors while being a business of attraction for salespeople who wish to lift their capacity in a high performance environment.”

Graeme Fraser, Auckland Business Performance Manager for Ray White, said that the Ray White City Apartments team “are not only leaders in the area of sales but they have also shown a strong emphasis in regards to their marketing, both online and print media, and this has established them as one of the leading auction market companies in Central Auckland. City Realty is a strongly integrated company that has Loan Market, SuperCity Rentals and also additional offices in Broadway that support their overall company success.”

Ray White City Apartments were acknowledged as the New Zealand Office of the Year, Number 2 International Office of the Year, as well as the Number 5 New Zealand Growth Office.

Top Ray White Offices Show Strength in Marketing

The three largest offices in the Ray White Group, being Ray White City Apartments, Ray White Ponsonby and Ray White Remuera, together with their branch offices, this year continued to market property through the inaugural Christmas/New Year editions of Herald Homes.  This was the first time the New Zealand Herald has run a Homes section over the Christmas/New Year period, which was fully supported by our top Ray White business in Auckland.

Megan Jaffe, Principal of Ray White Remuera and Ray White Orakei said “Our business today is very much focused on our clients and they have an expectation that we will continue to be positively marketing property all year round. In our business plan for 2013 we focused on achieving increased levels of sales turnover for the year and this included us continuing to market property right throughout the 2013/2014 holiday season.”

Herald Christmas Marketing 2013Simon Damerell from the Damerell Earwaker Group with Ray White offices in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Pt Chevalier, said that the marketing campaign had an overwhelming positive response. “Last week we held over 20 open homes and we had large numbers of buyers through our properties and this has allowed us and clients to achieve our highest ever result in December together with a good number of offers in the first weeks of January, which would not normally be achieved.”

Phil Horrobin from the City Realty Group with Ray White offices in the City and Broadway, said that his salespeople in particular appreciated the opportunity to be able to use the New Zealand Herald to continue marketing campaigns throughout December and January.  He said “Our business is a 12 month business and it is important to know that today clients expectations to be able to make contact with us at all times is part of the reason why our team has had such success over the holiday period.”

Graeme Fraser, Auckland Business Performance Manager for Ray White, said that the marketing, in collaboration with the New Zealand Herald, was a resounding success. “It has allowed our top businesses and salespeople to continue with their marketing campaigns. This will now become part of our annual strategy to ensure that we are seen as a business the operates on the basis of our clients and continues to achieve the best outcomes.”


Ray White Broadway Support Newmarket Primary Fiesta

Sarah BroadwayPhil Horrobin, owner of Ray White City Apartments, Ray White New Zealand office of the year, opened Ray White Broadway in August 2012.  The Broadway office is situated centrally in Newmarket with agents who specialise in property from Parnell to Epsom.  These well serviced areas are made particularly desirable by the high achieving public and private schools for which they are zoned.  Phil is of the view that his businesses can contribute to these districts by supporting the local schools, building lasting relationships throughout the broader community and making the area a better place for families.

Ray White Broadway agent Martin Morgan has recently connected with the local Newmarket Primary School.  The annual school Fiesta, an important part of the Newmarket Primary calendar, was held on Saturday 16th November.  This year Martin got involved by arranging a colouring competition during the week leading up to the Fiesta.  Staff and students assisted Martin with getting things set up by creating stands, entry forms and signs to promote the competition.  With the contest divided into two age groups, entrants were required to colour in a picture of a Ray White house with children in the older age category colouring a slightly more detailed picture.

At the assembly before the Fiesta, well-known local artist Nicky Foreman judged the competition and presented prizes sponsored by Ray White Broadway.

During the Fiesta, along with Ray White Broadway Facebook mascot Mr Frog, Martin Morgan and his assistant Sarah Codling manned a high profile site which a good volume of visitors circulated through.  The Fiesta included art for sale, a sand saucer competition, an international café and an animal petting zoo.  Martin and Sarah held a Yellow & White Jellybean Guessing Contest with a jar for children at a cost of 20 cents per guess and a jar for adults at 1 dollar per guess.  They also held a raffle for an electronic weather station, with all proceeds going to Newmarket Primary.  Martin felt enthusiastic about the day, commenting that “The response to the fiesta in general was overwhelming with all the children showcasing great skill in creating fantastic items for sale, such as place mats, key rings and Christmas decorations.”

Following on from the completion of the event, the 1st and 2nd prize winners of the colouring competition were displayed in the Ray White Broadway showroom window for the weekend.  Martin commented that “It was great to see the number of children who were brought to the window to look at the pictures with many parents stopping to browse at available properties.”

Dr Wendy Kofoed, principal at Newmarket Primary School expressed her appreciation for the support received from Ray White.  “It was great to have Martin’s involvement in the Fiesta. Ray White is now part of the Newmarket community and we are always keen to strengthen our community bonds.  Our students loved the colouring competition Martin organised with the help of a group of student leaders, and that a professional artist was the judge.  The winners of the competition were certainly appreciative of their prizes and the jellybeans for all entrants were spot on too.”

Ray White Offices Celebrate at the 2013 REINZ Excellence Awards

The Ray White Group are proud to recognise City Realty who trade as Ray White City Apartments together with AJ McPherson & Associates Rolleston Ltd who trade as Ray White Rolleston who were both honoured this evening as the top real estate agencies throughout New Zealand in the Medium and Small Office category.  This recognition was presented tonight at the New Zealand Real Estate Institute 2013 Awards for Excellence held at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland.

Phil Horrobin who is the owner of Ray White City Apartments said “the award as one of the leading agencies throughout New Zealand was a great honour”.  He said “the team continue to work very hard in delivering the highest level of service to our clients and I consider this our team award for the whole of Ray White City Apartments“.
REINZ 2013 Awards
Sarah Booth and Brendan Shefford who are joint owners of Ray White Rolleston acknowledged their other directors Tony McPherson and Emma George during their acceptance of the Small Agency of the Year award.  Brendan said that “our team has focussed on client service and this has been reflected in the results that we have achieved across the Rolleston area.  We are very proud to be part of the Ray White Group and we see our continued success as a team effort and one that we can all celebrate in through Ray White Canterbury”.
Ray White New Zealand Chief Executive, Carey Smith said that “he was very proud of both the award winners and the nominees.  Ray White had 10 nominations accepted for the Awards and we were thrilled to see the acknowledgement of Ray White City Apartments and Ray White Rolleston as the top New Zealand offices in their respective categories”.
Winners in Overall REINZ 2013 Agency of the Year were:
Small Agency Winner – AJ McPherson & Associates Rolleston Ltd, Ray White Rolleston
Medium Agency Winner – City Realty Ltd, Ray White City Apartments
Large Agency Winner – Barfoot & Thompson Ltd, Auckland

Ray White Broadway Opens

The Ray White Group welcomes its 135th office located in one of the highest profile locations in Auckland City, being Broadway Newmarket. The office is situated directly at the junction where Broadway meets Khyber Pass Road and is one of the most popular shopping precincts in New Zealand.

The Ray White office in Broadway is part of City Realty Group owned by Phil Horrobin. The business is a relocation and amalgamation of Ray White Epsom and Ray White Parnell, to be known as Ray White Broadway servicing Newmarket, Parnell and Epsom.

Phil Horrobin said that the new office was a big move for the combined business. “It is one of the highest profile locations in Auckland and the office is just over 300 sq metres which will offer all real estate services including sales, rentals and finance through approximately 60 staff who will form the Ray White Broadway team.”

Graeme Fraser, Auckland Business Performance Manager for Ray White, said “The Ray White Broadway office is an industry leader in respect of its position and services it will provide to the community.” He went on to say; “As part of the City Realty Group, the office will display property and be able to engage with the community through a complete real estate service centre. The Broadway office is the 51st office in Auckland and that will further add to our current market share, which sits at 21.6% in Auckland.“

The Ray White Broadway office is located at 136 Broadway, Newmarket and as well as offering real estate services, will also have consultants from the finance division of Loan Market.

For more information on Ray White Broadway, please see their website here.

Ray White Announces No 1 National Office

At the Ray White 2012 Annual Awards held last night with 670 Ray White membersat the SkyCity Grand Hotel, Ray White City Apartments were named as the number one sales office in New Zealandand number four internationally throughout the Ray White Group.

Phil Horrobin, business owner of Ray White City Apartments, in accepting the award congratulated his 50 member team on the outstanding success that they had achieved during the past 12 months. He said the business is focused on ensuring each and every client has an outstanding experience with their company. He also acknowledged other offices in the Group and the success that collectively the Group had achieved during the past period.

Carey Smith, NZ Chief Executive of Ray White, made comment that the City Apartments office is not only the number one office in New Zealand but also has an outstanding market share, selling one in every three apartments and was also recognised as the top growth office in the Group during the past 12 months.

Other offices that were recognised during the evening were Ray White Ponsonby which was awarded the number two office in New Zealand and number five office internationally.  The Ray White Remuera office was positioned third in the top sales office for the Ray White Group.

For a full list of the Ray White award winners please click here.


Ray White Leading Business Re-Commits to Group

Ray White City Apartments have been a leader in the marketing of property throughout the central city for the past number of years.  The office opened in premises located in the Viaduct Harbour just on 10 years ago and has made consistent progress to today being the undisputed market leader in the city area. The office has 41 salespeople and 6 property managers and will list approximately 800 properties and manages just over 750.

The Ray White Group this week announced the further commitment of Ray White City Apartments to continue with the Group for an extended term.  Phil Horrobin, business owner of Ray White City Apartments said that being able to continue to partner with Ray White is by far and away the best position for their business. “We have a long and successful association with the Group. The innovation, the systems and the growth of Ray White in Auckland are key reasons why we continue to be part of the successful Ray White Group.” He further commented that the technology platform the Group offers is an attraction for salespeople and vendors and enables them to be the leader in the city area.

Chas Wilson, who operates the property management, said the Ray White Group has made a lot of progress over the past years with property management. “Our team has always set high standards of service and most importantly for us; Ray White provides the ability for us to continue to growth through those standards.”

The Ray White City Apartments group also has an office in the Britomart, where they provide sales and rental services as an extension to their main Lorne Street office.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “Ray White City Apartments are currently our leading business in the Group and are our leading growth business. The office under Phil and Chas’ leadership continues to grow in all divisions and this is a direct reflection of their leadership and the core values of their collective teams.”

For information regarding Ray White City Apartments please see their website.


City Apartments and Roebucks Sales Merger

Ray White City Apartments have been the undisputed leader in the CBD residential field for three years.  They maintain a consistent market share of 25% to 30% in apartment sales and have just over 700 properties under management with Chas Wilson Rentals.

This week we are pleased to announce a significant merger which will further enhance the market share of Ray White City Apartments.  The long established agency of Roebucks has merged their sales division with Ray White City Apartments.  This will grow the overall sales team to 41 and increase the current listing portfolio of Ray White City Apartments.   Ray White City Apartments and Roebucks will continue to operate their property management businesses as they do today, with the only change in the property management being the branding.

The current premises of Roebucks will continue to be utilised by both companies, however it will be re-branded in the Ray White livery.

Principal Officer of Roebucks, Brad Roebuck, said “The merger of our sales division with Ray White will ensure that the market share that Roebucks had successfully built up over the past three years is enhanced.”  He went on to say that “Roebucks have a strong integrated business and with that we have built have a database which when applied to the Ray White systems will maximise its outcome.  The property management of Roebucks will remain as an independent business providing the same personalised service but we will have the border reach of Ray White for our property management business.”

Phil Horrobin, co-owner of Ray White City Apartments, said that the merger was fantastic news. “We have strived to position our business as a market leader in the area of city apartments and having the Roebucks team join, along with a number of other successful salespeople who have recently joined, will give us that lift in market share and ultimately provide a stronger presence in the area of city apartments. The new Britomart based office will allow a further 12 salespeople to become part of our team and that will give us over 40 salespeople together with a strong property management base.”

Carey Smith, New Zealand Chief Executive of Ray White, said that Ray White has always had a strong presence in city apartments.   “The merger with Roebucks is significant and will allow further growth to take place in the sales area while giving property management a boost with the presence of the Roebucks portfolio.  Ray White City Apartments is one of the top offices for Ray White in sales and this growth will see them move to the top office in their core trade area.”

For further information in regards to the merger please contact Phil Horrobin on 021 924 300 or through their website



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