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Ray White Name Salesperson of the Year

At the Ray White 2010 Annual Awards held last night at the SkyCity Grand Hotel Lesley Hawes and Ruth Hawes were awarded individually equal Salesperson of the Year within the Ray White New Zealand Group.

Lesley Hawes began her real estate career in Wellington in the early 1990s, moving to Auckland with her family in 1995 to live and work in real estate in the Western Springs area of Auckland.  Every year since 1999 Lesley has been ranked in the top three salespeople in the group.

Ruth Hawes, after a successful 10 year career in nursing, decided to join her mother at their top performing office in Kingsland just over two years ago. She began working as an apprentice to her mother to gain the experience to stand her in good steed to take up a position as an individual salesperson.  It was in the latter part of 2009 when Ruth began to facilitate sales in her own right.

In presenting the award for the Salesperson of the Year, Carey Smith, NZ Chief Executive, said that Lesley and Ruth, individually and together, typify many of the values that are shared within Ray White.  “They are family, they have a love of real estate and specialise in the community they live in.  They have a unique blend of caring but also an efficiency of knowing how to have an outcome of a successful sale.”  Lesley Hawes, in accepting her award, recognised her team, including Ruth, her husband Chris and the balance of the staff at the Kingsland office.  She said her results would not be possible without such wonderful people that she has the ability to call on.  Ruth Hawes also spoke about family values and how working with families in assisting them buy and sell property was a wonderful career that she loved.  Being recognised with her mother individually, but collectively, was the highlight of her career.

The Ray White Group in New Zealand has 1,315 salespeople and has 136 offices trading $4.71 billion in property sales annually.



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