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One Thousand Members Presented Verifiable Training

The Real Estate Agents Authority in March this year introduced continuing education which for 2012 covers important issues, including disclosure, confidentiality, professional conduct, legislation review and case studies.

Ray White has now presented to just over 1,000 of its members the first part of continuing education covering important points as part of the verified training material. The four sets of regulations including the Real Estate Agents Act, licensing regulations, complaints and discipline and duties of licensees have all been covered. In addition Ray White has produced a legislation handbook for all its members in association with Thomson Reuters that consolidates into one easy to follow volume the requirements under the Professional Code of Conduct and real estate agents license.

Ray White has available 38 sessions for its members that will be conducted throughout New Zealand to ensure the quality of presentation and material is of the highest standard.

All licensees who undertake real estate work are required to complete 10 hours of verified training and 10 hours of non verified training through an approved provider. All Ray White members are provided the continuing education verified training free of charge.

Patricia Love, our group National Training Facilitator, said that it is important the delivery and content of training is of the highest quality. “Being able to set standards in respect of our presentation and just importantly engage our members in discussion is just one of the real benefits of being an approved provider endorsed by the Real Estate Agents Authority.”


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The Ray White Legislation Handbook

Ray White is the only national franchise group todate to bring together, in conjunction with Thomson Reuters, the Real Estate Legislation Handbook which includes the REAA Rules and Guides.

As part of our ongoing requirement for Ray White members to be providing the highest professional standards to the public, our group has embarked on lifting awareness of obligations of agents through total membership of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and also the issue of our Real Estate Legislation Handbook to each Ray White office.

The contents of the handbook include the professional Conduct and Client Care Rules 2009, the New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreements Guide, the New Zealand Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreements Guide, together with the Table of Statutes and Regulations.

The legislation handbook is the first to combine all of the cross reference Acts and Guides together and is also linked with the complete real estate legislation which include the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, the Audit Regulations 2009, the Complaints and Discipline Regulations 2009, the Duties of Licensees Regulations 2009 and the Licensing Regulations 2009.

Ray White would like to acknowledge Thomson Reuters, who have consolidated this guide into an easy to follow volume of key legislation for our members to use.  Please see here for a copy of the information included in the Real Estate Agents Legislation Handbook.


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