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Ray White Remuera Renew Agreement With Ray White


The Ray White Group is proud to acknowledge Megan Jaffe, who recently renewed with a further term as part of the Ray White Group.

Ray White Remuera is the number one business internationally for the Ray White Group, with over 60 members on their team. During the past 12 months they have completed in excess of three quarters of a billion dollars worth of property transactions. They are acknowledged as one of the top 10 businesses internationally in the area of customer satisfaction, which is a direct reflection of their values which align to their client at heart positioning.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “It was an important day for the Ray White Group in New Zealand to agree to further terms with Megan and the Ray White Remuera team. They are the number one office internationally and Megan Jaffe is considered one of our most coveted leaders and during 2015 Megan was acknowledged by Brian White, Chairman of the Ray White Group, for her leadership. Ray White Remuera is a business that has successfully grown, while remaining staunchly focused on having pride in their purpose of delivering outstanding service to all customers and clients.”

Brian White, Chairman of the Ray White Group, said that Megan Jaffe is celebrated as one of the very best leaders in the Ray White Group. Her values and the way she positions her business to ensure the client’s interests are always at the forefront, continues to see her business grow, not only in Remuera, but right across the Eastern Suburbs, which includes a network of five offices.”

Megan Jaffe said that she was pleased to be partnering again with the Ray White Group. She said that it is an extraordinary group in the direction and growth of the company and that she and all her team are very proud to be part of Ray White. “Our ongoing association with the Group is one that will see us continue on our direction as market leaders but, more importantly, support our systems and processes around ensuring we provide the very best support to our people and in turn, the very best value to our clients so we are proud of every transaction that our business successfully completes.”

Ray White Remuera was recently acknowledged at the Ray White Group International Conference as the number one office internationally. Together with this, the office was ranked in the top 10 for customer satisfaction internationally, with several team members ranked in the top 1% of the Ray White Group internationally for outstanding sales and customer satisfaction.

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New Zealand Recognised at Cutting Edge Conference

 Yesterday was the start of the Ray White International Group Cutting Edge Conference which is attended by the top businesses throughout New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. This year there are over 150 delegates. Brian White, Chairman of the Ray White Group, opened the conference and made particular mention of the continued outstanding results by New Zealand members.  The conference is to launch a number of new initiatives and ideas to top business owners in the company and it is also presented on a platform of case studies and lessons that have been learnt from the Group’s members’ experiences during the past 12 months.

Last night the annual Cutting Edge dinner was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. During the evening members were recognised in several qualitative award categories. Several New Zealand business owners received awards including Tony McPherson from the McPherson Group in Christchurch who was recognised by Sam White in receiving the highest net promoter score for customer satisfaction in the international group for 2013.  In the category of new ideas, presented by Mark McLeod, Gower Buchanan and Simon Damerell from Ray White Ponsonby were recognised for their collective commitment and their sharing of their Welcome to Ray White Ponsonby document which details value that customers can expect when experiencing interaction with Ray White Ponsonby and their leadership team.

The top award for the evening was the 2013 Cutting Edge Award. Brian White spoke of his delight in recognising Megan Jaffe from Ray White Remuera as a business that has gone through consistent and continual transformation from a market share of 3.8% six years ago to today holding 27.1% of the Remuera market.  Brian White went on to say that Megan’s leadership skills and the value she offers to her team have resulted in outstanding performance with the highest level of productivity for an individual office. Megan Jaffe of Ray White Remuera said she was thrilled but very humbled to win the award. She said it reflects her team’s commitment to providing outstanding service to clients and this has had an ongoing effect in the growth of the business.  Megan said she was very proud of her team, including the administration and personal assistants who enable her team to be at the highest level of productivity, which provides great outcomes for all those connected to the business.

The Ray White Cutting Edge Conference is held annually by invitation only and provides the planning platform for the company going into 2014.



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Ray White NZ Sales Remain Consistent

arrow sideThe Ray White Group has continued to achieve a high level of sales for the month of August 2013. The sales released were 9% ahead of the same time last year; however they reduced by 8% on last month’s sales. The total number of properties settled through our member network for August was 1,137.

Carey Smith, NZ Chief Executive of Ray White, said that “The continuing low interest rates is providing confidence in the market. The slight increase in stock levels will allow purchasers more choice and coming into the spring period, the availability of property for sale is expected to lift.”

The Ray White Group listed a total of 2,181 properties which lifted from last month by 7%. The total properties available through the company increased very slightly by 1% to 8,566. The total number of auctions completed was 418, which continue to have the highest success rate of any method of sale offered by the group.

The top five businesses throughout New Zealand completed a record level of turnover, with the number one office being Ray White Remuera, who settled just under $40 million in sales. Ray White City Apartments completed 97 sales at number two. Ray White Ponsonby again had a successful month, with $27 million in total value of sales. Ray White Hamilton was number four and Ray White Howick completed a high number of property sales to be number five in the group.

Other offices to lead their respective zones included Ray White Whangarei in Northland and Ray White Wanganui in the Lower North Island. Ray White Richmond completed $12.3 million in sales led the Upper South zone. The Canterbury zone was led by Ray White Full Circle; while Ray White Dunedin was the top office in the Lower South zone. Other offices with high levels of performance during August included Ray White Te AtatuRay White Te AwamutuRay White Prier Manson.

The Ray White Group has a new office at Millwater on the far North Shore opening during the month of September.


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Ray White Remuera’s Mid – Winter Celebration

Ray White Remuera held a Mid – Winter celebration to thank 150 of our previous vendors, referrers and stakeholders for their ongoing support of all of our team. Megan Jaffe, principal commented “We have moved from 1/50 sales in 2007 to 1/5 sales being made by Ray White Remuera and we are growing all the time.” The Remuera team now sits at 28 salespeople and 10 administrators.

Mid-Winter Celebration-Remuera

This is a bi-annual event enabling thanks and some fine networking to occur within the Remuera community. It was prospecting and recruitment heaven. Graeme Fraser, Auckland Business Performance Manager commented “The evening was a credit to Megan and her whole team. The support from clients and friends of the business was outstanding and a measure of the ongoing respect Megan Jaffe Real Estate Limited has earned for the Remuera community.”


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Ray White Orakei Celebrates Second Year of Operation

Megan Jaffe Real Estate took the opportunity to expand their business in July 2011 to incorporate at that time the new Ray White Orakei office. The business has successfully maintained a high market share through the Orakei and neighbouring suburbs and is the only real estate office located in the Coates Avenue shopping strip.

Mike Zelcer, who is part of the leadership team at Ray White Orakei, said having the local office has been of great benefit to be able to meet with local homeowners and have a focus on the community and the benefits of living in the Orakei area. Mike said “After 14 years of successfully selling real estate through the Eastern Suburbs, last year was my best personal year and that has been largely due to the opening of our new office in Orakei. On our website we have a number of case studies of sales and these may be of particular interest to homeowners who are considering the marketing of their home. In addition to this we are also able to provide detailed monthly sales in the Orakei area which include the sale price together with capital value information and also the number of days that the particular property has been marketed. This information is sourced through our membership of the Real Estate Institute.”

Ray White NZ Ray White Orakei Office-Exterior Ray White Orakei Office-Interior Ray White NZ

Megan Jaffe said that the office was a success right from the opening. “It was a big decision to open the only real estate office in Orakei but the support we have received has been really pleasing and that has given our business the ability to be able to sell property in conjunction with our main office in Remuera. We are able to implement our marketing strategies and technology through Ray White which helps the Orakei office to market property internationally but remain as a dedicated community business.”

Ray White Remuera and Ray White Orakei will be holding a mid winter celebration on 25th July at the Ray White Remuera offices.


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June 2013 Sales Increase

Ray White 2013 May ResultsRay White New Zealand has recorded an increase of 15% for sales for June 2013 in comparison to 12 months ago. The sales turnover for June was less than the May total value of sales and decreased by 15%.

Ray White New Zealand Chief Executive, Carey Smith, said “Sales for June continue to surge on the back of confidence from buyers, with interest rate stability and the number of new properties which have been available for purchasers consideration. Our group has also welcomed three new offices during the past month. It is expected that the sales numbers will continue at a high level with the economy showing signs of improvement and also the recent statistical evidence of the number of first home buyers utilising the Kiwi Saver incentives for the purchase of property.”

Overall the company completed $469 million of released sales in the month of June. There was a decrease in the number of properties listed by Ray White members on last month down by 8% being 2,004 with 21% of those being marketed by auction.

The top five businesses in the group included number 1 being Ray White City Apartments who recorded 89 sales for the month; number two was Ray White Remuera who a completed record sales for the quarter in excess of $85 million in turnover; Ray White Central Auckland Commercial achieved another successful sales month completing $26.3 million; Ray White Ponsonby were fourth nationally; with Ray White Metro in Christchurch, who also led their local zone, ranked as the number five office in New Zealand.

In the Northland region Ray White Whangarei completed another outstanding month. In Auckland other leading businesses included Ray White Royal Oak, Ray White Howick, Ray White Half Moon Bay who all finished in the top 10 businesses across New Zealand. Ray White Papamoa were the top business in the Central North Island. Ray White Wanganui completed another successful sales month and were the leading business in the Lower North Island. Ray White Richmond were the top Upper South Island business. Ray White Metro, Ray White Rolleston and Ray White Full Circle were the top businesses in the Canterbury region. Ray White Wanaka completed personal best sales to be the number one office in the Lower South Island.

Ray White New Zealand has further grown during the month of June with new offices opening in on the North Shore in Forrest Hill and Manly. The group will be opening a further new office on 4th July in Sandringham.


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Megan Jaffe Opens Third Office in Upland Road Remuera

Ray White Remuera business owner Megan Jaffe is proud to announce the opening of a third office in the Upland Road Village in Remuera.  The office, located above The Villager, has been established due to the increased expansion of the overall agency.

Megan Jaffe Real Estate has been a member of Ray White for the past five years and has continued to maintain a consistent level of growth in market share.  The latest figures indicate the business is selling one in five properties in the Remuera and surrounding areas.

The Upland Road office has not only been designed for high performing salespeople but is a showpiece for the company, being able to host client evenings, prestige auctions and also house development projects.

Megan Jaffe said that the Upland Road office was a natural expansion for their business. “We have a premier location on Remuera Road. Just on 12 months ago we opened our second office in Orakei, and because of the number of salespeople and increased business volume we made a decision to further expand our agency to Upland Road.  The total sales team continues to grow and now stands at 28. With the three offices situated across our markets, we believe in being a business that is community focused while offering a superior service and personal attention to detail.”

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said that he was extremely proud of the growth in quality that has been achieved by Megan and her team. “Over the past five years her market share has grown substantially and Megan has always maintained a business that understands the people involved and has continued to work hard to achieve superior results and quality of service.”

The Ray White central zone now has 15 offices and is one of the leading agency practices in the area. Ray White New Zealand has over 130 offices and transacts $4.7 billion in property sales annually.

Click here for Ray White Remuera – Megan Jaffe audio


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Remuera Office Recommits with Ray White

The Ray White Group is pleased to acknowledge the re-commitment of one of their leading agency businesses, Megan Jaffe Real Estate Limited, to the Group.

It was just over five years ago that Megan Jaffe took ownership of the Remuera franchise and at that time it had a market share of 3.8%.  With a flair and determination that is unmatched in the Remuera market, Megan has built a business that has continued to grow and strengthen in profile throughout Remuera and the surrounding districts. Today the office has a market share of 14.7%.

Remuera is the highest value turnover market in New Zealand, with per annum sales approaching $1 billion. Megan and her team have been instrumental in gathering momentum and have been involved in a number of high value transactions; with two being the highest prices achieved through their local market area in 2010.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “The Remuera office continues to show outstanding results. The calibre of the team combined with the outstanding leadership of Megan Jaffe has seen this business grow to one of the leaders in the Ray White Group.  We are extremely proud to renew our agreement with Megan Jaffe Real Estate Limited as the business continues to move towards leadership within their trade area.”

Megan Jaffe said that in re-committing to Ray White “We looked at the expectation we have in the growth of our business and continue to see that Ray White sits perfectly with where we wish to go with our business.  The support that Ray White offers through their leadership and their systems is industry leading.  We have an outstanding team and that is complimented with us being part of Ray White.”

Ray White Remuera has a team of 21 salespeople and has recently commenced property management.  The office is located on Remuera Road.  For all enquiries in regards to real estate activity in the Remuera area please contact Ray White Remuera on telephone (09) 520 9100 or

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Ray White Enters Prestige Market

Ray White New Zealand is proud to announce the launch of the Ray White Prestige brand into the New Zealand property market.  The Prestige brand had long been associated with Ray White as leaders in the upper end market on the East Coast of Australia, particularly in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the northern suburbs of Sydney and the  Gold Coast. Ray White Double Bay located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney has successfully completed the highest priced sale of residential property in Australia for 2010 being 18 Carrara Road, Vaucluse.

Ray White has a philosophy of focusing marketing towards the property and this is more evident with the Prestige brand.  With its introduction into the New Zealand market given the value threshold that has been set it will suit higher priced areas of Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and the Lakes District in the lower South Island.  We also see that there will be prestige property from coastal areas. 

The Prestige brand brings a broader base market to the property given that each selected property will be part of the Ray White e-magazine collection that is internationally distributed through a database of 550,000 interested property buyers.  In addition to this it will also be profiled if desired through the key markets internationally which respond directly to prestige property. 

Initially consideration for the Prestige brand will be available only when a property meets a certain criteria and the link to the brand is also exclusive to those who have a considered track record in prestige property or are International Elite Members.

During the first quarter of 2010 Ray White has consistently accounted for 30% of the sales in the prestige market with a number of sales in Orakei, Remuera, Herne Bay and St Mary’s Bay.  We have also had a high percentage of the upper end in the Southern Lakes area particularly in Queenstown and Arrowtown where the Group’s collective marketshare is in excess of 35%. 

As well as being able to profile properties internationally, Ray White is also aware that the majority of buyers of property within the New Zealand prestige market are those people who currently have prestige property of their own.  With this in mind our standards of print media and internet marketing will be at the forefront of ensuring that profile is reached through our marketing to all potential property purchasers in the prestige market.

Ray White expect to have at least 25 appointments in the prestige market during the first 12 months and we are proud to display our first property 12 Eastbourne Road Remuera that has been listed through Megan Jaffe at Remuera in the Prestige livery which has appeared as a double paged feature in this week’s ACP Media Property Press.

Ray White New Zealand trades through 133 offices completing property sales in excess of 4.8bil per annum.

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