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Ray White continue to wrap up summer sales

SummerSale-GraphicLaunched in December the Ray White Summer Sale Campaign is well underway and is already achieving some stand out results for vendors across the country.

Carey Smith, Ray White New Zealand CEO, says “the property market has been extremely active – especially leading in to the holiday season. This year more than any other year, we expect, and are seeing, December and January to have considerable activity – and this is clearly benefiting our clients.”

Recognising this market activity Ray White New Zealand are dedicated to actively marketing and working through the holiday season. “Traditionally the number of houses for sale over the holiday period decreases” says Phil Horrobin of Ray White City Apartments. “This creates opportunities to actively market our vendors properties – ensuring they really stand out.”

Megan Jaffe agrees, and adds “another clear advantage to marketing your home over this period is that buyers who are looking for properties during the holidays are usually serious about purchasing – which can also lead to a quick, effective sale”.

Ray White have designed special upgraded marketing campaigns through our Central Auckland offices – which are available during the holiday period. These are designed to give clients the opportunity to widely expose their property through the New Zealand Herald, online through and Trade Me Property.

The initiative led by our Damerell Group, City Realty and Megan Jaffe Real Estate offices has been adopted nationally by Ray White New Zealand offices who have networked through their local communities and with local suppliers to offer their clients the most competitive marketing packages over the holiday season.

“As we all know a reduced competition between sellers has historically increased competition amongst buyers – ensuring that we get our vendors the best possible sale for their property” says Simon Damerell of Ray White Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Point Chevalier – who are also actively supporting and marketing the initiative.

“With our offices fully supporting open home campaigns, we undertake to be available to show buyers through properties when they have time and can make decisions about their home purchase.” says Carey Smith.

For more details on the initiative talk to your local Ray White office – or click here for more information.

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Cleaning up Coxs Bay

CoxsBay-CleanupOn Sunday 22 of June the team from Ray White Damerell Group together with approximately 25 local volunteers and families set to work beautifying Coxs Bay and the adjacent stream. With their gumboots and gloves on, they mucked in while the tide was out, picking up plastic bottles, chip packets, cans and even a basketball (the kids had a bit of fun with that one).

With over 30 agents from the Ray White Ponsonby, Ray White Grey Lynn and Ray White Point Chevalier offices out and about every day in the Greater Ponsonby community, the team regularly noticed the litter in this beautiful area and decided the clean-up initiative was a chance to give something back to the people of the area.  The removal of this rubbish is also vital in protecting our marine environment as eventually, and unfortunately, it washes into the Waitemata Harbour.

With the help of Hayden Smith from Sea Cleaners and the Watercare Harbour Clean-Up Trust, the team are slowly but surely making a difference in helping keep the community clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.  Established in 2002 The Watercare Harbour Clean-Up Trust works year-round to remove rubbish from Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour and inner gulf islands – improving the health of the Waitemata Harbour and Auckland’s waterways.  The Trust is sponsored principally by Watercare Services Limited, and the support of local communities goes a long way.  Hayden got the team of volunteers motivated with one simple statement on the day: “Each of these bags we collect is 50 litres and in total each year, we collect 3.3 million litres of litter from the Waitemata harbour”.  The trust has removed a staggering 3,450,340 litres of rubbish from the coast since their inception in 2002 – this represents 115 shipping containers filled with loose litter, and the trust estimate they have collected over 27,602,722 individual items with the support of over 90,132 coordinated volunteer hours.

The teams collected 3,000 litres of rubbish on Sunday alone – pictured above as one giant trailer of rubbish – which included a shopping trolley, a screen door, a car tyre and multitudes of plastic waste items.  “We were all astounded at the amount of litter that can accumulate in such a small area” says Simon Damerell, from the Ray White Damerell team says “it’s unfortunate, but we are proud to play our part in looking after our beautiful community environment.”

Graeme Fraser, Ray White New Zealand‘s Auckland Business Performance Manager, is extremely supportive of the initiative and thankful to the Damerell Group noting that “the team have always been active in, and supportive of, their local communities… events such as these have significant positive impact on local communities, raising awareness of marine litter issues and also making a real difference to the environment. We’re extremely proud of the Ray White PonsonbyRay White Grey Lynn and Ray White Point Chevalier offices and members who took part.”

The team hope to hold  another clean-up day leading up to Christmas – keep an eye on the Ray White New Zealand Facebook page for further information.


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Developing the Careers of our Next Leaders


Friday 4 April saw 30 nominated Ray White members join us at our corporate office to attend our first Next Leaders class in New Zealand.  Ray White Next Leaders, one of the newest initiatives from the Ray White Group, is a professional career development program for future business leaders within our industry.

Members from across New Zealand flew in, from as far away as Ashburton and Palmerston North, for the first session titled ‘Ray White: Who Are We and What Do We Stand For?‘ – with presentations from Ray White Foundation Member Bobbie Jarvis (formerly of Ray White Hamilton), and top national and international Ray White Business Owners Megan Jaffe (Ray White Remuera) and Simon Damerell (Ray White Ponsonby) who spoke with passion about the industry and what it took for them to get ahead.

The Next Leaders program was originally developed by Ray White Australia upon recognising a need to identify, retain and develop the talent we already have in our organisation.  Too often real estate business owners fail to formulate or develop a succession plan for their business.  Not only does this create a problem for when they retire or look to move away from the business but it means we’re not always actively looking for nor encouraging the drive and determination of those coming through the industry.

So to support our business owners in their succession planning and office management and to be more effective with ready buyers when our franchisees want to sell or develop their business, the Next Leaders program is designed to provide a ready resource of people interested and ready to take a step up in their career.  Sarah Pearce, Ray White New Zealand’s Growth and Relationship Executive and Co-Facilitator of the Next Leaders program, comments: “It is our collective responsibility to allow for career path development and brand rejuvenation and we believe Next Leaders is the best way to meet the challenges and growth within our network, to the benefit of future and current business owners alike”.

Ray White business owners and individuals are able to put forward nominations for this unique program – which covers everything from the principles of running a team through to business start-up plans, the types of business models available, financial mentoring, technology training, leadership coaching and mentoring sessions as well as one-on-one career planning meetings.  “We are delighted to be facilitating Next Leaders for Ray White New Zealand this year… Being able to identify these members is invaluable to our group and the industry” Sarah adds.

“There was such fantastic energy in the room and so much talent!” Patricia Love, Co-Facilitator of the Next Leaders program, commented.  “Everyone is so positive and excited about the program…  Ivan Aleksandrov one of the attendees wrote in to us after the event saying: “Thanks… I have learned a lot about Ray White as a company, and the quality of people that are attracted to that company (such as the awesome and inspirational speakers from today). I realised that I need to implement a lot more planning to my business and my personal life from Simon’s talk. It was also very inspirational to hear Megan’s and Bobbie’s speeches and to reaffirm that with planning and passion anything can be achieved. Looking forward to the next training session!”.”

The next Next Leaders session is scheduled for Tuesday 26 June with guest speakers Carey Smith, CEO Ray White New Zealand, and Mark McLeod, CEO of Growth for Ray White, taking to the stage to talk about leadership and the importance of developing the right culture, setting direction, being supportive and taking responsibility for yourself and your business.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Next Leaders Program, click here to contact Sarah Pearce or call on 027 755 5599.


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Top Ray White Offices Show Strength in Marketing

The three largest offices in the Ray White Group, being Ray White City Apartments, Ray White Ponsonby and Ray White Remuera, together with their branch offices, this year continued to market property through the inaugural Christmas/New Year editions of Herald Homes.  This was the first time the New Zealand Herald has run a Homes section over the Christmas/New Year period, which was fully supported by our top Ray White business in Auckland.

Megan Jaffe, Principal of Ray White Remuera and Ray White Orakei said “Our business today is very much focused on our clients and they have an expectation that we will continue to be positively marketing property all year round. In our business plan for 2013 we focused on achieving increased levels of sales turnover for the year and this included us continuing to market property right throughout the 2013/2014 holiday season.”

Herald Christmas Marketing 2013Simon Damerell from the Damerell Earwaker Group with Ray White offices in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Pt Chevalier, said that the marketing campaign had an overwhelming positive response. “Last week we held over 20 open homes and we had large numbers of buyers through our properties and this has allowed us and clients to achieve our highest ever result in December together with a good number of offers in the first weeks of January, which would not normally be achieved.”

Phil Horrobin from the City Realty Group with Ray White offices in the City and Broadway, said that his salespeople in particular appreciated the opportunity to be able to use the New Zealand Herald to continue marketing campaigns throughout December and January.  He said “Our business is a 12 month business and it is important to know that today clients expectations to be able to make contact with us at all times is part of the reason why our team has had such success over the holiday period.”

Graeme Fraser, Auckland Business Performance Manager for Ray White, said that the marketing, in collaboration with the New Zealand Herald, was a resounding success. “It has allowed our top businesses and salespeople to continue with their marketing campaigns. This will now become part of our annual strategy to ensure that we are seen as a business the operates on the basis of our clients and continues to achieve the best outcomes.”


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Damerell Earwaker Group Recommit To Ray White NZ

Ray White are pleased to announce the agreement to a further extended term by one of New Zealand’s leading real estate businesses being Damerell Earwaker Group Limited with offices in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Pt Chevalier.

The Damerell Earwaker Group was originally formed through partners Bryce Earwaker and Simon Damerell. In more recent times Gower Buchanan has taken business ownership through an increased shareholding and the directors are now Simon Damerell and Gower Buchanan.

The Ponsonby office has been one of the true heroes of Ray White New Zealand.  Since 1996 the office has turned over in excess of $3 billion worth of property sales through their trade areas and held a consistent market share of over 30% in Grey Lynn and Ponsonby and upwards of 40% in Herne Bay, St Marys Bay and Freemans Bay.

Ponsonby (3)

Simon Damerell said that the enduring success of the office has been its total commitment on delivering service under the headline banner of ‘We Get You More’. “We have used this bi-line as a positional statement that allows our staff to deliver service and to have a view back on our ability to always deliver more in the context of service, results and outcome to all stakeholders within our business.” He went on to say “The Damerell Earwaker Group continues to enjoy a high level of success with Ray White and that the Group values align with that of Damerell Earwaker and this allows our business to continue as one of the most successful in agency today.”

Gower Buchanan said that the sales team of the Damerell Earwaker Group are recognised as one of the most successful in the industry. “During the past number of years we have concentrated on our ability to positively market property through online portals, media and also a specific focus on community relationships. Our team quarterly distribute our suburb-by-suburb market update and this has aligned our business to providing information that allows both buyers and sellers to have a greater knowledge of our area when they are considering options in real estate.”

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, said “The Damerell Earwaker Group is one of the most successful in Ray White. We are proud to recognise the contribution of Bryce Earwaker, Simon Damerell and Gower Buchanan who have taken their business to the leadership position it is in today. Both Simon and Gower are now taking the business forward and it has never been better positioned for success in the areas that they trade.”

The Ray White Damerell Earwaker Group operate offices in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Pt Chevalier and are now transitioning their property management business to become part of Ray White through head property manager Martin Donnolly.


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New Zealand Recognised at Cutting Edge Conference

 Yesterday was the start of the Ray White International Group Cutting Edge Conference which is attended by the top businesses throughout New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. This year there are over 150 delegates. Brian White, Chairman of the Ray White Group, opened the conference and made particular mention of the continued outstanding results by New Zealand members.  The conference is to launch a number of new initiatives and ideas to top business owners in the company and it is also presented on a platform of case studies and lessons that have been learnt from the Group’s members’ experiences during the past 12 months.

Last night the annual Cutting Edge dinner was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. During the evening members were recognised in several qualitative award categories. Several New Zealand business owners received awards including Tony McPherson from the McPherson Group in Christchurch who was recognised by Sam White in receiving the highest net promoter score for customer satisfaction in the international group for 2013.  In the category of new ideas, presented by Mark McLeod, Gower Buchanan and Simon Damerell from Ray White Ponsonby were recognised for their collective commitment and their sharing of their Welcome to Ray White Ponsonby document which details value that customers can expect when experiencing interaction with Ray White Ponsonby and their leadership team.

The top award for the evening was the 2013 Cutting Edge Award. Brian White spoke of his delight in recognising Megan Jaffe from Ray White Remuera as a business that has gone through consistent and continual transformation from a market share of 3.8% six years ago to today holding 27.1% of the Remuera market.  Brian White went on to say that Megan’s leadership skills and the value she offers to her team have resulted in outstanding performance with the highest level of productivity for an individual office. Megan Jaffe of Ray White Remuera said she was thrilled but very humbled to win the award. She said it reflects her team’s commitment to providing outstanding service to clients and this has had an ongoing effect in the growth of the business.  Megan said she was very proud of her team, including the administration and personal assistants who enable her team to be at the highest level of productivity, which provides great outcomes for all those connected to the business.

The Ray White Cutting Edge Conference is held annually by invitation only and provides the planning platform for the company going into 2014.



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Damerell Earwaker Group Undertake Planting in Meola Creek

On July 20th 2013, the Damerell Earwaker Group comes together to get a little dirty. We’re mucking in to plant 946 trees along Meola Creek in Western Springs. The Damerell Earwaker Group team join forces throughout the year to give back to our local community providing help where ever needed, through events such as planting trees in Meola Creek, cleaning up our local Cox’s Bay and our street appeal to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

DEG - Community1

Our principal, Simon Damerell has had a lifelong commitment to the environment and sees the Damerell Earwaker Group teams enthusiasm for our community projects as a rewarding way to be involved with our local community. This local involvement was a big draw card for our recent addition, Sue Hatton who found this enthusiasm refreshing in today’s market. If you would like to get a bit of dirt under your nails, contact the Damerell Earwaker Group team organiser Nicki:


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Ray White New Zealand Top Offices Achieve International Status

Last night the Ray White Group celebrated the most successful year in the history of the company, with turnover during 2012 in excess of $5.4 billion from 134 offices throughout New Zealand.

Ray White City Apartments were named New Zealand Office of the Year and during 2012 they completed 717 sales through their 60 member sales team. Ray White Ponsonby were named the number two office for Ray White New Zealand in 2012 and Ray White Remuera were named number three office of the year.

Ray White Ponsonby Ray White Remuera Ray White City Apartments

After the national awards were presented Brian White, Joint Chairman of the Ray White Group, and Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand, presented the International Office of the Year awards.

Ray White City Apartments were named at number two internationally and in accepting the award, Phil Horrobin business of Ray White City Apartments, acknowledged the outstanding achievement by his team. He said “The office has continued to successfully grow market share and the increase in market share has primarily been achieved through the focus and dedication of our sales team in having outstanding product knowledge and working with our clients. He went on to say “The city apartments market is a specialist area and our team are highly skilled and we are collectively proud of the results we have achieved.”

Ray White Ponsonby was named the number four office internationally and Simon Damerell, Bryce Earwaker and Gower Buchanan accepted the award from Brian White with their team on stage. Simon said “The international ranking was an amazing award for their business to win. Over many years our business has grown through our determination on the quality of service that our team provides to the marketplace.” Simon also acknowledged the value of the community’s support to the office and said “We very much value the long standing relationships we have in the community and this award reflects the continued support we receive as a business.”

Megan Jaffe, business owner of Ray White Remuera, accepted the international award for her office as number five in the Ray White Group. Megan said that the award meant a lot to her team. She said “Our success reflects the values and commitment all of our team has to working together to ensure successful results for all our customers and clients. Our business has grown during the past 12 months as we have welcomed a number of established salespeople and with the support of our clients we have had a great 2012 and we look forward to working harder and achieving even better results in 2013.”

The Ray White Group operates over 1,000 offices in eight countries. It is the first time Ray White New Zealand member offices have achieved this level of international recognition.


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Ray White NZ Sales Results Best for 5 Years

The October real estate sales for the Ray White Group in New Zealand have proved the strongest month since the global financial crisis.

October figures collected today show Ray White New Zealand recorded sales up 29 per cent on October last year and matched the unseen turnover highs of March 2007: $500million.

The network of 135 offices finalised 1,216 sales, 21 per cent more than the previous month, the greatest amount of transactions since November 2007.

The Auckland market, in particular, has shown a considerable increase with double the sales recorded in 2012 against the same period in 2011.

Carey Smith, Chief Executive of Ray White New Zealand said the 2012 sales have continued steadily, with turnover increasing by 41 per cent nationally year to date.

“This is driven by a combination of factors including the continued migration of those affected by the Canterbury earthquake relocating throughout New Zealand and record low interest rates which have been consistent for over 12 months and gives buyers confidence.  Added to this, Banks are also taking a balanced approach to the way they consider funding property and this also allows buyers to purchase property.”

Across New Zealand all markets continue to show higher sales volumes. The Canterbury area has returned to its pre-earthquake sales numbers and is up 37 per cent on last year. Most activity around the country is occurring in the CBD and city fringe markets, where there continues to be a lack of stock and this is placing pressure on prices, which are increasing, while also lowering the days on market.

Megan Jaffe, the owner of Ray White Remuera, who’s team completed over $30 million in sales for October.

“There is definite momentum in the market at all levels. Sellers are showing they are responsive to the market. They are sellers one day and becoming buyers the next,” she said.

Simon Damerell from Ray White Ponsonby who work through the city fringe markets, said there has never been greater numbers of open home attendees and registered bidders at auctions.

“There is a high degree of activity and while there may appear to be a shortage of stock, the same number of properties are being listed; it’s just that the higher turnover is at any given time resulting in less properties on the market,” Mr Damerell said.

Tony McPherson from the Ray White Metro group in Canterbury said that there is continued activity throughout Canterbury with the movement of those in the Red Zone and also those relocating into the city for work opportunities.

“The movement of people and the rebuild plans recently announced have added increased activity into the Canterbury market and that is resulting in record sales,” Mr McPherson said.

The national average sale price value at the end of October 2012 for Ray White was $452,592.  This is up on September 2012 at $445,326 and also up on October 2011 which was $440,918.


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Ray White Opens in Grey Lynn

The Damerell Earwaker Realty Group has expanded their business to include a new Ray White location in Grey Lynn. The office adds to their already highly successful Ray White Ponsonby and Ray White Pt Chevalier offices.

Bryce Earwaker, co-owner of the Damerell Earwaker Realty Group, said that Grey Lynn has now become a ‘destinational’ suburb. “In the past it was seen as a stepping stone, but in more recent times it has continued to provide further services for the community and has now become one of the top 10 sales areas throughout Auckland. Our move into Grey Lynn has always been part of our plan as we already have an established team working through the Grey Lynn and Westmere market.”

Simon Damerell, co-owner of the Damerell Earwaker Realty Group, said that he was very excited about the new office at Grey Lynn. “Grey Lynn and many of the surrounding areas have continued to show strong capital gain in property over many years and this has led to continued investment and high sales volume for the area.”

Gower Buchanan, Manager of the Damerell Earwaker Group, said the new Grey Lynn office came about due to the high level of growth they had achieved in Ponsonby over many years and more recently the Pt Chevalier office. “Our sales team has a 25% market share in Grey Lynn and we expect by having an office there that the market share should continue to grow.”

Graeme Fraser, Auckland Performance Manager for the Ray White Group, said that Ray White is continuing with its growth plans throughout Auckland. “Grey Lynn is one of the leading sales suburbs in the greater Auckland regional market, and with Ray White Ponsonby already having a strong market share it seemed a natural expansion to open the new office in Grey Lynn.”

Last year the Grey Lynn market was rated the seventh most active market in Auckland, with sales numbers just in excess of 200 and property turnover totalling $166 million.


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